This monograph explores the life and art of sculptor, Shalene Valenzuela. It’s clear that much of Valenzuela’s visual inspiration comes from 50s American housewife culture. Many of her imagery seems like it jumped straight out of advertisements, film stills, cookbooks, and family photos one might find in a typical 50s household. Beneath these idyllic, rosy scenes is a more complicated truth. When we realize there is more than meets the eye, Valenzuela challenges us to question the beliefs, practices, and norms of a time not so long ago. Born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA, Shalene Valenzuela dabbled in art at a young age. Once she got her B.A. from UC Berkeley she went on to grad school at California College of Arts and Crafts.

Author: Tahlia Aghily

Design: Madeline Nguyen