This publication includes an essay by Bruce Nixon as well as an essay by Vanessa Bolden and chronology by Andrew Rogers. This catalog also includes 56 beautiful color plates of the artists work.

If all of Roy De Forest’s work could be assembled in one place, the output of an entire lifetime, in consecutive order: and each consigned, in order, to a single frame on a reel of film, thousands of frames, a home movie epic: projected then, like a movie, onto a darkened screen. What would be revealed? Something like this, perhaps: a protoplasmic blip squiggles suddenly and divides in the moist mud of paint, moves, divides again, divides, divides, crawls, flounders, crawls again, and then leaving behind the residue of its winding path, it emerges from its amniotic pool, rises up, looks around, crawls, stands tentatively, reaches out, grows, assumes shape, probes the landscape around it, develops legs, tails, ears, snout, eyes, red tab of tongue, reproduces, transforms, reproduces and transforms again, subdivides, sends forth new forms, travels.