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A glance at one of Robert Ransom’s paintings may show a backyard barbeque or a roadside diner; the characters seem comical and somewhat blocky. Each straight-legged female figure appears only slightly less awkward than her stocky, male counterpart. Upon closer evaluation, however; the work reveals many complexities in process and construction.

Ransom’s scenes convey a simplicity of subject and form that succeeds in making painting look effortless. Ransom’s pieces are in fact far from easy. Each canvas is layered with multiple coats of paint before he begins to paint his subject; white gesso, layers of black and yellow; dark against light; varnish. This time-consuming process may limit the number of works he can produce at a time, but he is free from the confines of mass-production, unlike the pop artists his work is so often compared to.

Ransom is creating a surrealistic ideology that his viewers can easily identify with. As a post-modern pop art realist, Ransom is creating psychologically independent characters that stand out through his old-master methods.

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