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The works of artist Myron Stephens are best understood as stories that open up conversations between the artist and the audience. With a varied mixture of ingredients–including nostalgic images, snippets of text and trompe l’oeil realism–Stephens cooks up open-ended narratives that invite speculation.

Each painting is a doorway to the artist’s individual experiences and perceptions offered up as expressions of aesthetic connections and friendships.An exceptionally talented painter who interweaves trompe l’oeil realism with a modernist approach to his subject matter, Myron Stephens is a leading narrative artist and also a contemporary mythmaker.

Myron Stephens has the unique ability to put his ideas on the line with candor, vulnerability, and humor. He works with remarkable modesty, and is open to the idea that others may understand his meanings better than he might.

“It’s funny,” Stephens philosophizes, “because I have heard people looking at my paintings and interpreting them at art openings, and what they find sometimes seems more true to my intentions than my original concepts.”

The generosity and openness of Stephens’ art are the very qualities that the artist carries with him into the studio and throughout his life.

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