Michael Lucero: Sculpture 1976-1995


Bloemink explores the references of Surrealism and Dada and notes the highly detailed iconography that compromise Michael Lucero’s work.


Lucero is both an artist and an educator, one who creates intricate, multidimensional work. There is a synthesis of diverse forms and influences that broach many issues involving the appropriation  and assimilation of primitive or ethnic culture in modern art. Multiculturalism is a theme, along with a strong adherence to the arts and crafts tradition. Michael Lucero has developed a personal comprehensive discourse utilizing human and animal imagery that explores the contrasts between nature, culture, and the sub-conscious influence of art history and popular ephemera. This edition contains 47 of Lucero’s glazed ceramic, bronze, and mixed-media sculpture. Author Bloemink explores the references to surrealism and Dada, noting the highly detailed layers of iconography that comprise Lucero’s work.

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Hudson Hills Press; 1st edition (March 25, 1996)




12.5" X 9.5" X 1"

Color Plates


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